Why Deploying a Dash Cam Could Benefit Your Case

You have probably heard your parents say that this generation takes photos and videos of everything. Since the phone in your pocket can record high quality videos, it is possible to record a video of yourself eating brunch at a restaurant and decide whether you enjoyed your brunch based only on the number of likes your video got when you posted it on social media. Of course, not all of these video recordings that were beyond our wildest imagination a generation ago are so frivolous. Cameras and recording devices do not lie, and they can be some of the most reliable pieces of evidence in a legal case, from the audio tapes that sealed the fate of the Watergate investigation, to the cell phone of Bobby Wingate, who was issued a citation for walking without a driver’s license (which is perfectly legal). Recordings can present your evidence in a way that leaves no room for doubt. In personal injury lawsuits related to car accidents, a dashboard camera could provide the evidence that could win your case.

How Dash Cams Work

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When the car is in use, the dash cam is always recording. Most dash cams can store about an hour of footage. As you keep driving, the camera replaces older footage with newer footage. At any given time, it can show what has happened in the most recent 60 minutes in which you operated the car. The cameras are relatively inexpensive; they often cost less than $100.

A Dash Cam Can Provide Irrefutable Evidence in Your Car Accident Lawsuit

The reasons to have a dash cam in your car go far beyond the fact that the camera’s presence might make you think twice before picking your nose behind the wheel or making obscene gestures at other drivers. Here are some reasons why a dash cam can help protect you, physically and legally:

The dash cam provides a detailed record of the accident. Lawyers and insurance professionals can review the footage as many times as they need to so that they can determine exactly what happened. The video footage is much more reliable than the verbal statements of the parties involved and still photos of the damage to the vehicles.
You can have the dash cam record even if you are not in the car. If someone hits your parked car, the dash cam can record that, too.
If a part of your car, such as the air bags, malfunctioned and caused an accident, the dash cam can provide evidence of this malfunction. In that case, you could use the evidence in a product liability lawsuit.

Contact Brock Ohlson About Car Accident Lawsuits

As honest as they may be, dash cams are no substitute for a lawyer experienced in personal injury lawsuits. Contact Brock Ohlson, Nevada’s Personal Injury Lawyer, for a legal consultation. Bring your dash cam footage and see whether you have grounds for a lawsuit related to the injuries resulting from your accident.