How to Have the Best Possible Professional Relationship with Your Personal Injury Attorney

There is a lot of truth to the saying that your real friends are the ones who are there for you even on your worst days. If you are injured in an accident or because of a medical error, you will certainly appreciate the support of the friends and family members who help you through your most difficult times. Another important person at this time in your life is your personal injury attorney if you decide to pursue a lawsuit relating to your injury.

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Of course, some things make your relationship with your attorney different from your relationships with the other supportive people in your life when you are injured. For one thing, you probably did not meet your lawyer for the first time until after the accident took place. Therefore, you are starting from zero in communicating with your lawyer, as opposed to the relatives and friends who have known you for years.

Second, your relationship with your lawyer is primarily a business relationship, rather than a personal relationship based on having a shared history together. Here are some things you can do to communicate well with your lawyer when pursuing a personal injury case.

Do Not Try to Nickel and Dime Your Lawyer for a Lower Price

In an initial consultation with a lawyer, it is fine to ask about the prices of the lawyer’s services. After you agree to a price, though, do not try to talk your lawyer into giving you discounts, especially not because of perceived faults in the service the lawyer is providing. If you do that, you will come across like the people who go to restaurants and clean their plates, then ask the manager to give them the food free because something was wrong with it.

Legal services can be expensive, and it is a good idea to take advantage of the free consultations at several law firms. That will give you a better idea of whether your lawyer is actually giving you a fair price.

Do Not be Overly Impatient or Pushy 

It is your lawyer’s duty to keep appointments and to call you when he or she promises to. If your lawyer is unable to meet a deadline, he or she should let you know in advance and finish the late work as close to the missed deadline as possible.

Your lawyer’s responsibility to communicate with you does not, however, mean that he or she needs to be available to answer your phone calls at all hours. The lawyer is also working on other cases, and lawyers, just like everyone in the world, need to have some time each week when they are not working.

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