The Nevada Triangle and Aviation Accidents

In any personal injury lawsuit involving an accident, a big part of the attorney’s job is to determine exactly what caused the accident and whether the defendant could have prevented the accident from occurring if he or she had used greater caution.

In some cases, it is easier to recreate the details of the accident than in others, and to determine who, if anyone, is at fault. Several locations in the world have become famous for mysterious accidents and disappearances of vehicles. The reasons that these places are so dangerous are very poorly understood, yet they often capture the imaginations of enthusiasts of paranormal phenomena.

Perhaps the most famous of these is the Bermuda Triangle, an area in the Atlantic Ocean (the angles of the triangle are Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico), where ships and aircraft have been known to disappear under mysterious circumstances. Of course, Nevada has its own mysteriously perilous location, similarly named the Nevada Triangle.

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What is the Nevada Triangle, and Why is it So Dangerous?

The only similarities that the Nevada Triangle bears to the Bermuda Triangle are its triangular shape and the fact that it has been the site of a large number of aviation accidents and aircraft disappearances. The Nevada Triangle is an area of the Sierra Nevada mountains where more than 2,000 airplanes, mostly small aircraft, have disappeared.

According to Kelly Redmond, a professor of climatology at Reno’s Desert Research Institute, the reason that so many planes have disappeared in the Nevada Triangle is not much of a mystery at all. The mountains run perpendicular to the Jet Stream, creating wind patterns that are hazardous to small planes. According to Redmond, trying to fly over the Nevada Triangle in a small plane is like trying to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

What Does This Have to do with Aviation Accident Lawsuits?

If you consult an attorney about an accident involving any kind of vehicle, one of the first questions the lawyer will ask is whether the person operating the vehicle was upholding proper safety standards. In order to be licensed to fly a plane, even if you are just flying your own personal aircraft as a hobby, you will be required to pass an exam demonstrating thorough knowledge of how to operate the plane safely and prevent accidents.

Beyond comparing the defendant’s actions to the formal standards of safety, lawyers also ask whether the defendant used reasonable caution or reacted appropriately in an unforeseeable emergency situation. Since so many small planes have disappeared in the Nevada Triangle, it seems that the safest choice would be to avoid the Nevada Triangle and choose an alternate route if you are flying a small plane.

Contact Brock Ohlson About Aviation Accident Lawsuits

Almost all accidents have an explanation. Consider that everyone who has ever taken a cruise to the Bahamas has entered the Bermuda Triangle; the ships that disappeared there must have done something different from the ones that reached their destinations safely. Contact Brock Ohlson, Nevada’s Personal Injury Lawyer, so he can help you determine the truth about the accident in which you were involved.