My focus is to hold negligent trucking companies and their drivers accountable for their actions. The laws and regulations surrounding commercial truck accidents can be confusing, so it is important that you find a law firm that specializes in truck accidents to take care of you and your family.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

  • DUI – Driving a truck under the influence of alcohol.
  • Driver Fatigue – Cross-country truck driving is very weary and tiresome. A driver may experience fatigue and unwittingly cause a truck accident.
  • Truck Overturns – Major causes of accidents are driving too close to ditches or on soft shoulders, driving on slopes with an uneven load, and raising the truck bed on uneven ground.
  • Crushed by the Bed – Failure to block a raised bed while working on the hoist can result in the bed coming down on a person.
  • Backing – About 25 percent of accidents involving trucks are a result of backing over a person or into an object.
  • Vehicle Collisions – Accidents resulting from poor brakes, nonworking signals, or driver fatigue are common during the harvest season.
  • Transporting Equipment or Other Materials on Trailers – Failure to load and secure equipment or other materials properly can cause the load to either fall off trailers or cause the towing vehicle to lose control.
  • Overloaded Trucks or Trailers – Overloading trucks or trailers puts additional strain on the vehicle, particularly the brakes and tires. Towing a trailer with a weight heavier than the towing vehicle will lead to loss of control, especially down hills.
  • Loads That Shift Weight – Livestock will shift weight when turning corners or when making sudden swerves. Liquids in tanks will slosh back and forth if no baffles are installed in the tank. Maintaining the control of a truck is difficult when weight slips especially on poor road conditions.

Victims of truck accidents often face a variety of incredibly painful injuries, including:

  • Brain injury
  • Head trauma
  • Back or spine injuries
  • Severe burn injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Permanent disability
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Amputations
  • Internal bleeding
  • Crushed limbs and organs
  • Death

Commercial truck accidents can involve trucks belonging to individuals,  government agencies, or corporate fleets (like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other courier or delivery services). If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident with a commercial truck, I can be of service.

The state of Nevada has five major interstate routes:

I-15, I-215, I-515, I-80, and I-580.

It is also home to these federal highways:

US 6, US 50, US 93, US 95, and US 395

An accident can happen on any road. Let us help you get compensation for your injuries.